We are a group of artists organized as the Water Mapping working group with School of Apocalypse at Pioneer Works. Our goal is to map water-based projects in New York and around the world to better understand our own practices, as well as begin to formulate a global context for this work.

The waterways present both opportunity and challenge in light of a changing climate, increasing urban density and increased public awareness of ecological concerns. More art projects are happening on, in, or in direct relationship to the water. Much of this work is time-based and relates to Land Art, Public Art, and Performance Art, as well as current economic and global trends; there is a palpable interest in this emerging field.

Our intention with this collection of water-based artworks is to create a series of maps from which connections emerge. We hope to illuminate connections across themes, outcomes, impacts and produce geo-spatial maps. We will also be releasing the data and maps under a Creative Commons license in order that others may utilize the information we gather.

We are specifically seeking works that exist in time and/or space, and primarily outside of a gallery context.