The Spiral Jetty Revised

The Spiral Jetty Revised is an ecoart installation dealing with the concept of food production and furthermore aiming at the aesthetic and environmental restoration of an overgrazed piece of land. It was designed in 2007 to function as a diverse orchard, water harvesting system and soil generator while providing tangible stimuli for all the senses in a space where one could see, breath, smell, walk, rest, eat, contemplate and be inspired on the multiple forms of the inseparable connection between humans and nature. It initially consisted of 50 fruit trees and 50 acacias for nitrogen fixation, roughly 100m of hand dug trench for water harvesting and distribution and 2 cubic meters of fungal compost soil amendment. Living 400km away and with the crisis in Greece raging, I was unable to manage the project properly and so it was left on its own since 2013. Today, in 2016, almost half of the plantings are lost to various reasons ranging from summer drought, to grazing, to theft. Nevertheless, the water harvesting and distribution trench still works during the rainy season, 50 of the trees made it and soil fauna is steadily increasing thus improving soil structure and resilience. It is being a quite educating experience!

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